5 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Accelerate Your Growth

5 Ways to Use Instagram Insights to Accelerate Your Growth

There are millions of users in Instagram and every user follows at least 5 other accounts that s/he likes. They could follow their favorite celebrity’s account, a food blog account, a fashion account or anything that interests them. There are many categories of things that users like to see online. To get more followers it is important that you provide your users with content that they like to see.

So how to use Instagram insight to see and increase the growth of your account?

Instagram insight is a tool that can be used to analyze your account’s activity. It brings you your users’ data as well as your own account’s data. It keeps track of users that have started following you and also the ones that have stopped following you.

  • Profile insight

When you go to your profile you will be able to see the overall insight of your account. For example how many users you have gained and how many you have lost in the past 7 days.

Gaining new users means that you are doing good in understanding what your users and audience need. But when a user leaves your page it is important to know what made them leave. Half of them could be the ones whose interests changed and half could be the ones that stopped liking your account.

  • Profile visits and Impressions

It provides you the data of how many users have viewed your profile. It also shows the average time when most of your users are using Instagram. By using the impression insight you can see how many times your ad appeared on users’ homepage. Reach is what tells you how many people went to your profile via those ads.

You can use this insight to know what is the best time to post new posts. Average time posts will get more likes and comments since it will appear in front of more users.

  • Post insight

When you have promoted a post you can see its likes, comments, shares and saved numbers.

Post likes and comments give you data if your users and other users liked the posts or not. Different posts analyses will give you data on what posts users like the most.

  • Website clicks

It generates the data of users that have visited the link you provided on your profile.

A website click is a call to the action move. You can use this data to analyze how your ads and posts are working on users. If they are getting encouraged enough to follow your account through current posts or not.

  • Story insight

Story insight includes all the information about its reach, forward tap, back tap, replies, swipes away (users that entirely skipped your story), and exit (users that left the story to get back to the homepage).

These shows random account visits to your story. How many were interested and saw the full story an how many skipped it entirely.

All these insights can be used to get user and content data that could be used to your benefit. If data is carefully analyzed then it can be put in good use to bring new followers to your page.

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